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The Gyrotonic® system simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body using key principles taken from gymnastics, dance, swimming, Yoga and martial arts.

Gyrotonic® creates a flow of movement from the core outwards, synchronised with a corresponding breathing pattern.

Each series of movements can be performed in a gentle or forceful cardiovascular manner depending on ability, serving to release stress and aid rehabilitation, fitness and general conditioning.
The equipment consists of a bench with a handle unit and a tower with weights and pulleys attached. Once on the machine you can expect three-dimensional movement patterns, consisting of circular, spiralling and rotating movements that increase spinal motion and emphasise multiple joint articulations.
Most traditional exercises use linear and isolated movement patterns that can create uncoordinated strength, which in time can cause injury.

Gyrotonic® uses fully adjustable equipment providing even and constant resistance that elimates jarring.

Because of the circular nature of exercises Gyrotonic® gives total freedom of movement, working major muscle groups together creating a state of physical balance. Using the Gyrotonic® system will enhance aerobic health, neuromuscular coordination, strength and flexibility along with a general feeling of wellbeing.
Stephanie and Helen are delighted to speak with you and answer any of your questions regarding Gyrotonic® equipment classes in Tunbridge Wells. Why not call 01892 522 290 or email them.