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Pilates Equipment work is performed using a variety of specialised apparatus.

The equipment operates via varying strengths of spring enabling classes to be adapted to suit individual needs and requirements.

The equipment can provide extra support for the body and focus on specific muscles, whilst also increasing challenge by strengthening the spring’s resistance.
At Studio One Pilates we offer two types of pilates equipment classes; Studio Classes and One to One Classes. Studio classes are taught in small groups where each client works on their own individual programme whilst under the teacher’s supervision. Classes are limited to a maximum of four people at one time. For prices click here.
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One to One classes offer a more focused and personal service and are highly recommended for an initial introductory session.

They can benefit anyone, especially those recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain.
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All of our equipment classes are 60 minutes long. Alternative class lengths in Tunbridge Wells can be arranged.
Stephanie and Helen are delighted to speak with you and answer any of your questions regarding Pilates equipment classes in Tunbridge Wells. Why not call 01892 522 290 or email them.