Located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells within two minutes walk of the railway station, Studio One Pilates specialises in Pilates and the Gyrotonic® expansion system.

The light and airy studio is the perfect place to stretch and unwind your body before, during or after a long day. We have fully equipped our Tunbridge Wells Pilates studio with the latest equipment so that there's nothing you need to bring.

There are many benefits to be gained whether you choose Mat, Equipment or Gyrotonic Classes. Whichever one is for you, you will thoroughly enjoy being instructed and supported by fully qualified, experienced and friendly Pilates teachers.

We provide a range of classes from groups (of no more than eight) to private classes and specialist tuition for those in a Pre or Post Natal condition or with other specific needs.

Whilst we have a structured
class plan for the week, we are able to offer classes at alternative times to suit you. Simply call or email to discuss.
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I was introduced to Pilates when training at The London Contemporary Dance School. During my three years as a student I found that Pilates helped me to understand my body and its needs throughout the demanding timetable.

My love for the body and movement grew and after Graduating I trained with the Pilates Foundation at The Place in London. During my teaching years I have worked within the dance education system teaching on BTEC and Dance A Level courses.

Through my dance training I discovered Gyrotonic and became fascinated by the movement system.  I went on to train in Germany with Juliu Horvath the founder of Gyrotonic and worked very closely with Laurie Booth in Brighton. As a teacher of movement I like to use my knowledge of Pilates Gyrotonic and dance to create flow and ease of movement within my class.
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I was first introduced to Pilates whilst studying at the London Contemporary Dance School. I found that the technique supported and nurtured my development as a dancer and very quickly it became an integral part of my dance training and day to day life.
On completing my Degree I began to work as a freelance dancer and dance teacher and due to the nature of my work I was aware that my body was my most important tool.  I found that continuing to practice Pilates enabled me to remain physically well and injury free. I completed my matwork training at the Place, London and then went on to study with Dominique Jansen at Pilates Off The Square, London to achieve my equipment teaching qualification.
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We are members of the Pilates Foundation and you can
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